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Why Choose PDR Services?

We are committed to building long term relationships with our clients. These relationships are based on honesty, trust, quality of service, and fair prices. Our team understands that we must complete projects on time and on a budget and our goal is to exceed expectations from start to finish. We honor all warrantied work and stand behind our products 100%. We understand that we are employed by our clients, and as such, we recognize that satisfying our customers in an honest and professional manner is the surest way to continue our growth and prosperity far into the future.

Starting in the 1980’s Gerald Alldredge began to understand the overwhelming need for emergency water and fire mitigation services. With this he realized contractors were not prepared or properly educated on the specialty nature of these services. Too many times he came across a busted pipe or leaking water heater causing significant damage to the structural integrity of homes and businesses and the only answer to clean the mess was a shop vac and some drywall and paint to cover it up. After a lot of research, he realized a thing called “mold” was a huge issue not only to our sinus’ but also to our properties. This is when he decided to take a turn from being a plumber and flooring installer to a full-service water and fire damage mitigation technician. Starting with 1 guy and 1 truck he turned an interest into a successful, industry renowned, 28 year +, multi employee, full restoration and repair company. We are proud of our owner for all he has accomplished by his genuine want to take care of people in need. We pride ourselves on quality, truth, and transparency. Property Damage Restoration Services has stood strong for almost 30 years and will be here for generations to come.

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PDR Services has been proudly serving our community for over 28 years. We specialize in disaster recovery services like water, fire, and mold damage restoration, but happily offer a full range of services to best serve our customers, including turn-key repairs, specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling services, plus carpet and rug cleanings.

What sets PDR Services apart:

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