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With Texans spending up to 90% of their time indoors, it’s important to make sure our indoor air quality is as good as it can be—and that starts from the ground up. Your carpet can act as a filter, picking up airborne contaminants like dust mites, pet dander, pollen, VOCs, bacteria, mold, and even viruses—having them settle in the fibers. Over time, these pollutants can build up, being released into your air with every step. Even regular vacuuming won’t rid your carpet totally of contaminants.

Fortunately, Property Damage Restoration Services of Texas is here to help. Our team of certified professionals offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services in Cypress to ensure your residential or commercial property stays clean, safe, and beautiful.

For cleaner carpets and healthier air, call our experts at (281) 500-8890.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets experience an extreme amount of traffic. This is especially true if you have a full house or thriving office space. While there are things you can do to protect your carpet, like spot clean, Scotchgard, and weekly vacuuming, professional cleaning is one of the best ways to shield your floor from wear and tear.

5 benefits of professional carpet cleaning:

  1. Boosts your indoor air quality: Our steam cleaning method is one of the only ways to quickly and effectively remove dirt and bacteria. The elimination of these contaminants reduces the likelihood of you breathing them in, increasing your overall air quality.
  2. Removes tough stains: Some stains are just too tough to deal with on your own. We use the most advanced products on the market to tackle even your most challenging issues. While we can’t guarantee total stain removal, we have a variety of other solutions to help.
  3. Extends the life of your carpet: Contaminant buildup can cause the fibers inside your carpet to deteriorate and break—leading to bald spots and unsightly tears. Receiving regular carpet cleaning from our team will remove buildup. During your regular cleaning we will also inspect your carpet to spot problem areas before they become big problems.
  4. Creates a more appealing space: High-trafficked areas can create “lanes” or wear and tear, with these patches becoming darker than others. Additionally, lighter carpets are faster to show signs of dirt stains and buildup. Our services can restore the condition of your carpet, making your space feel brand new!
  5. Reduces odor: Your carpet doesn’t only trap debris but also bacteria and even mold spores deep inside the fibers, which can cause musty smells to infiltrate your entire property that vacuuming alone can’t fix.

Our professional services are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration), which sets the industry standard for carpet cleaning.

We Are Your Complete Carpet-Care Specialists

Our local and family-owned company genuinely cares about our customers, which is why we only use the most innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to keep your property clean and beautiful, and your family safe. At Property Damage Restoration Services of Texas, our cetechnicians offer a variety of carpet solutions, so no matter what type of service your property needs, we can help. We are so confident in our services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our services include:

Our friendly and professional technicians are standing by to make your property shine. Call us at (281) 500-8890 or fill out our fast and easy online form today!

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