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Oriental Area Rug Cleaning

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Oriental Area Rug Cleaning

Large rugs can act as a major focal point in your space, but if your oriental or area rug is dirty or stained, it might be drawing attention for the wrong reasons. Instead of embarrassingly covering sections of your rug with furniture, contact our cleaning specialists right away. Our team at Property Damage Restoration Services of Texas are expert cleaners who can handle even the most delicate rugs. We use a specially designed facility to provide a thorough clean, and we are ready to help these prized possessions shine.

Our Unique Cleaning Process

Oriental rugs are precious and need extra care in order to not damage the sensitive fibers and ornate coloring. Our professionals will pick your rug up and take it off site to a controlled facility in order to perform a detailed cleaning that we back up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will take equal care of your area rug, so even the most trafficked additions of your home will feel clean.

Our process is certified by the IICRC and includes:

When our specialists arrive at your home, we will walk you through our entire process—providing you with a cleaning “prescription”, determine the inherent qualities of the rug, and outline the expected results—so there are never any surprises.

Your Cypress Cleaning Specialists

Don’t trust your most prized possessions with just anyone. Our team at Property Damage Restoration Services of Texas has been in business since 1992 and have only grown thanks to the word of mouth of our customers. We are Cypress’ complete cleaning experts, who handle everything from ornate Oriental rugs and the largest area rugs, to carpet and upholstery.

The buildup of dirt or dust can sometimes have lasting effects on your rug, potentially damaging these beautiful features. While there is never a bad time to schedule a professional cleaning, we recommend getting your rugs cleaned every 6 months. However, there are factors that could cause an increase in frequency. Namely, young children and pets, who can leave stains and extra wear and tear. Luckily, our team has seen it all, and can handle tough stains to try and restore your rug back to its former glory.

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