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Immediate Steps to Take After Water Damage Occurs in Your Home

One thing no homeowner wants to deal with in their home is water damage. Whether it’s a leaking dishwasher, pipe, or a major flood, water damage can cause a serious inconvenience and lead to costly repairs. At PDR Services, we understand the burden water damage can cause to a homeowner, which is we’re sharing some immediate steps to take after you experience water damage in your home.

It’s no secret that you should start acting immediately once you experience water damage in your home. Mold can begin to form within 24 hours, even from a small amount of water, and the standing water puts your appliances at risk. The first thing you’ll want to do is locate the source of the water damage and once you’re able to stop it from causing further damage, that’s when you call PDR Services for our water damage restoration services. Once you’ve called us at (281) 550-6100, these are the next immediate steps you should take.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Unfortunately, not all home insurance policies cover water and flood damage, so it does depend on the type of policy you have. Either way, your insurance company will be able to send someone out to look at the damage in your home and determine if it’s something they can cover. We recommend you take photos and document all of the damage before, during, and after the cleanup of the water damage to help the adjuster assess the damage.


Again, it is no secret that water and electricity do not go well together, which is why you need to make sure you and your family are safe from electrical shock by turning off the power. However, we cannot stress enough that if turning off the power requires you to stand in a puddle of water or in any area where water is left standing, please wait until you can call an electrician to safely turn off your power. You should never be in your home when there is severe water damage and the electricity is still turned on.

Once your electricity is turned off and you are safe to re-enter your home, wear rubber gloves and boots to protect yourself. If you have any rugs that you can lift off the ground that were left in water, remove them immediately. You can do the same with any wood furniture you might have.

Call PDR Services Right Away

Once you’re cleared to enter your home again, call PDR Services right away. Oftentimes, water damage is so severe that it requires professional restoration services, and that’s where our team comes in. Due to how fast mold and mildew can develop, the removal of flooring, drywall and furniture might be required. If you have hardwood floors, water can severely damage them, so it’s important that you are proactive with calling our team as soon as possible to begin the restoration process.

Begin Drying Out Your Home

If your water damage isn’t too severe and you decide you can dry out your home yourself, go through your belongings and throw away anything that is ruined and can no longer be used. If there are piles of standing water, you can use your common household buckets and large plastic bins to collect the remaining water. Once most of the water has been removed, you can purchase a wet-dry vacuum to dry out the remaining wet areas.

Although the process to restore your home following water damage might seem never-ending, our team is here to help in every way we can. There is so much more to water damage than most can imagine, which is why we’re here to restore your home as fast and efficiently as possible so we can get you back into your home safely. If you’ve recently dealt with water damage in your home, contact us today for our professional restoration services.

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