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It happens, no matter how hard we try to avoid damage to our property sometimes disaster strikes anyway. Property Damage Restoration Services of Texas has been helping people in Cypress, Texas and the surrounding communities to pick up the pieces after severe floodwater or fire damage has plagued their home or commercial property.

While no one plans for something like this there is a company you can turn to who will give you the compassion and professionalism you are looking for. Property Damage Restoration Services of Texas will get the job done. To read reviews and testimonials from other satisfied customers in your area, click here.

When you feel an insurance claim needs to be filed for extensive destruction to a home or commercial property your agent will receive notice and then the adjuster will be the deciding factor in whether or not the claim is valid and what amount of money needs to be provided for said damage.

Property Damage Restoration Services of Texas has a long standing relation with many of the insurance companies around your area so we will help in any way we can to ensure that you get the largest amount of funding for the project. Facing severe damage to one’s property can be extremely overwhelming and we don’t want you to endure any more complications, so you can be sure that once we start a job it will be orchestrated efficiently and leave your home or building looking better than ever.


Our team at PDR Services has extensive experience working with some of the most popular insurance companies in the area. These companies are meant to protect you and your property—however, so many homeowners and business owners are unsure about what steps to take in order to receive the help they truly need. With nearly 30 years of experience liaising between property owners and insurance companies we’ve seen firsthand how important a clear understanding of your benefits are, which is why we share an insurance bill of rights with all our customers.

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